Terms and Concepts

As we work on ZombiePrep.net, we’ll be using terms you may be unfamiliar with.  This page will be a good reference point to learn terms and concepts.


10 Commandments – Not the 10 God gave to Moses, but the Top 10 Lessons for Surviving a Zombie Attack by Max Brooks, first published in The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead

5 key needs – The 5 key things that humans need to survive.  These 5 things are the main priority in any survival situation: water, shelter, clothing, food, and fire.

6th need – In a zombie survival situation, a 6th key need exists: security.  This need is satisfied when an individual has the tools needed to protect themselves.



Bail-out Bag or Bug-Out Bag – A small survival kit with essentials for emergency survival situations.  The BoB is a micro-version of your full survival kit.













Necropocalypse – a title for the events following a massive, world-wide zombie outbreak.  This is the zombie attack worst-case scenario.  Zombie survival experts prepare for this level of devastation in order to ensure they can survive any scenario.






Slicing the Pie – A technique used to round corners with better tactical awareness.  Read more at:  http://zombieprep.net/2011/01/15/pie/

Survival Basic #1 – The first key thing a human needs to survive: clean drinking water.








Zack or Zak – A derogatory term for zombies.

Zack Snack –  A slang term referring to a person who is poorly prepared for the Necropocalypse and will likely be eaten by zombies early on.

Zed – A derogatory term for zombies.

Zombat – A slang abbreviation for Zombie Combat.


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