Practice up and get $10 off Zombie Industries Bleeding Zombie Target for being a ZPDN reader!

I am pretty sure that you wouldn’t be reading this unless you had at one time contemplated what the world would be like if it were infested with zombies. So in the spirit of preparing for the inevitable- we searched for ways that you can prepare for what you may have to do in the necropocalypse. What we found was awesome:

Yes- the target does actually bleed. You can find out more about them on the manufacturer’s site at They even have a hollow space in the chest cavity and the head for an exploding target, like these.

And oh yes, did I mention that you can get $10 off the price just for being a ZPDN reader? Oh yeah. Be sure to use coupon code ZPDNET when you checkout at and start your zombie training!

And just to get you excited, here is FPSRussia shooting some with a 300 blackout.