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I am pretty sure that you wouldn’t be reading this unless you had at one time contemplated what the world would be like if it were infested with zombies. So in the spirit of preparing for the inevitable- we searched for ways that you can prepare for what you may have to do in the necropocalypse. What we found was awesome:

Yes- the target does actually bleed. You can find out more about them on the manufacturer’s site at They even have a hollow space in the chest cavity and the head for an exploding target, like these.

And oh yes, did I mention that you can get $10 off the price just for being a ZPDN reader? Oh yeah. Be sure to use coupon code ZPDNET when you checkout at and start your zombie training!

And just to get you excited, here is FPSRussia shooting some with a 300 blackout.


The Alpha Strategy

If you have ever read about financial planning that will stand the test of time, maybe heard some of Dave Ramsey’s stuff, or spend any time on, you have probably heard of The Alpha Strategy, by John Pugsley.

This book, which is only about 100 pages long and which has become far more relevant these days for explaining financial strategy to even a young audience- used to be available online, distributed for free by John Pugsley himself at the Unfortunately though- it has recently come to my attention that this link is no longer valid. That is why has decided to continue to host this book for free download for as long as we are able:

The Alpha Strategy

Weighing in on Ammunition

So you are planning to survive the necropocalypse, huh? Do you have enough ammo? Are you tough enough to carry it? If you want to keep your thoughts from being food for zombies, here is some food for thought:

Ultimately, the game plan for anyone in the zombie apocalypse is pretty simple: Keep from joining the undead. So when it comes to planning the ammo in your field pack, there are 3 main considerations that must be *weighed* when loading up your zombie kit:

1. Weight- you need to make sure that you are not wearing yourself out carrying huge loads of ammo that may wear you out faster than you can shoot it- making your carcass a looter’s ammo cache.
2. Quantity- On the other hand, you want to make sure that you have enough ammunition so that you don’t make the classic ‘last man standing’ move that is so popular in Hollywood zombie movies.
3. Quality- Lastly, you want to make sure that you have the firepower to stop any large game or cleanly remove the medula oblangata of any zeds that may be thinking of inviting you for dinner.

I have compiled a small list of ammunition that you are most likely to use and encounter in your struggle for survival, so here is a simple table of rounds per weight ranging from lightest to heaviest with a few observations to help you on your way to better packing:

138rds/lb 22LR – lightest
38.25 rd/lb .223
38.25 rd/lb 9mm
28rds/lb 7.62×39
28 rds/lb .40 S&W
21rds/lb 45ACP
21 rds/lb .308
11 rd/lb 12 Ga OO –heaviest

Here are some interesting observations: You may have noticed that each rifle cartridge generally had a corresponding weight in a pistol cartridge. So according to this, .223 and 9mm may be the best value in what is considered combat loads for weight/round count.

As you will also notice, the larger shells are not taking you as far, with 12 Ga buckshot being your least weight-effective round with lethal ability. More on that later. So here is where the hard questions start coming in. How much weight can you realistically carry, or should carry in your time of need?

Tired or praying? Maybe both?To answer for that, keep in mind that most soldiers in field operations in Iraq carry 6 loaded mags into combat(along with a lot of other gear that gives them backpain, according to NPR). That is 180rds of 5.56, and approximately 4.5lbs. Less than you thought? Well, you also need to keep in mind that they are carrying at minimum 40lbs of other gear with them including food and water, and that you likely will be too- so while carrying more than 10lbs of ammo with you at any given time is not impossible, it may reduce your ability to outrun a horde of hungry brain-eaters.

Make sure that you choose wisely in your decisions on how much of what ammo to carry, and hopefully we will see you on the other side of the Necropalypse. On second thought- probably not.


Zombie Survival Training: Run For Your Lives!

Yesterday the most unique 5k race I’ve ever heard of was run in Baltimore for the first time ever.  The race is called Run For Your Lives! This ain’t your grandma’s 5k, where you worry about hydration and pulse rate.  No, this is a race through a zombie-infested obstacle course where you’re scrambling to avoid joining the shambling ranks of the undead.

Feast your eyes on this point-of-view video showing the frenetic pace of one runner’s attempt to make it through the course.

Based on the feedback we’ve heard about the race, there were some logistical challenges with getting 9,700 racers through the course.  Even so, the race was a resounding success and we can’t wait to participate when it comes to the Seattle/Portland area.

Here at we take surviving the Necropocalypse seriously, so this race is right up our alley.  I can’t think of a better simulation for facing hordes of the undead.  One of our staff writers is going to train for the race, and will post periodic updates about training and eventually running the race.  We’re excited to train for what looks like the most exciting and challenging 5k ever!

Check out the details of the race and register for an upcoming race in your area at:

Stay tuned to for more updates regarding Run For Your Lives!

Guest Article: When It Happens…

I’m very pleased to have talented writers who want to contribute to  Today we have a guest article from E.W. who gives us some valuable advice on fear when the unexpected happens.  His article follows below.  Enjoy!

When It Happens…
Survival is a complex issue. It can be broken down into two categories, things known and the unknown.  The reason you are reading this article is you want to know more. Lets get to it.
Survival boils down to living to fight another day.  Preparation is the key in any event. The scouts had it right; “ Be Prepared”.
Fear Kills.  If you are well prepared you can lessen the effects of the mind-numbing panty-loading paralyzing fear that the unknown generates and move yourself into “fear is good it helps to keep me alive” mode.
GET READY NOW!!! Currently there are many world situations that can slide us quickly into the collapse of the networks that supply everything that we are dependent upon. As pappy used to say “Get while the getting is good.”
What this means is “provide for every needful thing”. This primarily includes food, water, shelter, medicines, fuel, weapons, ammo, transportation, communication, entertainment, tools and trade goods.
In future articles I’ll address the nuts and bolts approach and the what if situations. In the meantime, if you are serious about insuring that you have a future and are ready to take the steps to make it a reality, then get busy.  The above paragraph cannot be completed in a day and should have been done yesterday.
Start by inventorying items on hand and where they are located, next, build a list of necessities.
Yea, that is a lot of work, survival is hard work. No one will do it for you, everyone will be trying to take care of themselves.
The collapse will happen, none of us really want it to, but it will happen.  The question is when will it happen the answer, too soon.
Will I be ready? Only you know the answer to that.