As our name might suggest, ZombiePrep.net is a zombie preparedness site.  Our goal is share methods you can use to prepare yourself for a zombie attack, specifically by sharing the things we are doing to prepare ourselves.

We’ll be covering every aspect of zombie attack survival, including training regiments, weapon (and improvised weapon) selection, how and what kinds of survival kits to build, which books to read, and product reviews.  And we’ll want your feedback, too!  Disagree with something we’re doing?  Tell us by posting comments!  This is one of the main reasons we started this site – we want to put our ideas to the test.

This site was started by Wil, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, in the United States.  I hope to have guests post on the site too, including my wife, friends, and maybe some of you.  Together we can all learn to survive the impending Necropocalypse.

Stay strong, stay smart, and stay alive!


3 responses to “About

  1. Can we every really be prepared? What if everything we know fails us? What if the impending doom is nothing like we could imagine….. all we can do is try.

    Are we crazy? Maybe.

    Will we survive longer than the unprepared? Yes.

    Bring it!!!!!

  2. This is a cool site. Like ew said. I live in phoenix too. And a little birdy told me that my mom and i go 2 ur church. XD awesome!

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