Why You Need To Get LASIK Eye Surgery

Time Enough At Last - Credit: WikipediaHow many of you out there are familiar with the Twilight Zone episode “Time Enough At Last“? It is about a bank teller bookworm who through a series of global events ends up being one of the few people left on earth. As he wanders around he finds a library with all the books he could ever read, but tragically trips and breaks his glasses.

In the case of the bank teller, not being able to read books is unfortunate. If I was in his position I would be more concerned about how am I going to survive. If you are the type of person who cannot see the alarm clock on your nightstand without your glasses on, it is time to take action. I doubt even if you are an optician that your long term survival plan includes holding up in a eye glasses store so that you have unlimited access to eye glass supplies.

As popular as LASIK eye surgery is today, I believe ophthalmologists can do a much better job at advertising and increasing their revenue. They need to spread the word about the coming zombie apocalypse. Think about it. Do you want to be stumbling around, almost blind, because you lost or broke your glasses with the living dead chasing you down? Exactly. That is why if cannot see well enough without glasses or contacts, you need to get corrective laser eye surgery.

I can see it now: eye charts with blood splatter, posters in the waiting room showing people who dropped their glasses getting hunted down by a group of zombies, various reading passages changed from “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” to “Bobby could not find the safe house and got eaten by a zombie because he lost his glasses”, zombie awareness stickers given out instead of lollipops for the kids, etc…

If you are an ophthalmologist it is time to pick up the phone and speak with your marketing agency. If you know an eye doctor who is not currently advertising for the zombie apocalypse, refer them to this blog post. If you know someone with poor vision, please do the right thing and convince them to get LASIK eye surgery. Finally, if you wear glasses or contacts, stop pretending the world is not coming to an end and call your eye doctor to schedule an appointment to fix your eyes today.


4 responses to “Why You Need To Get LASIK Eye Surgery

  1. Well!! Highly appreciate your information.I think you have to take lasik eye surgery when your eyes are defected severely because glasses don’t work the way you want. After the eye surgery you feel more comfortable than before and also you can get rid of eyeglasses. Keep sharing such more things.

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