Zombie Survival Training: Run For Your Lives!

Yesterday the most unique 5k race I’ve ever heard of was run in Baltimore for the first time ever.  The race is called Run For Your Lives! This ain’t your grandma’s 5k, where you worry about hydration and pulse rate.  No, this is a race through a zombie-infested obstacle course where you’re scrambling to avoid joining the shambling ranks of the undead.

Feast your eyes on this point-of-view video showing the frenetic pace of one runner’s attempt to make it through the course.

Based on the feedback we’ve heard about the race, there were some logistical challenges with getting 9,700 racers through the course.  Even so, the race was a resounding success and we can’t wait to participate when it comes to the Seattle/Portland area.

Here at ZombiePrep.net we take surviving the Necropocalypse seriously, so this race is right up our alley.  I can’t think of a better simulation for facing hordes of the undead.  One of our staff writers is going to train for the race, and will post periodic updates about training and eventually running the race.  We’re excited to train for what looks like the most exciting and challenging 5k ever!

Check out the details of the race and register for an upcoming race in your area at: http://runforyourlives.com

Stay tuned to ZombiePrep.net for more updates regarding Run For Your Lives!


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