Zombie Survival Tip: Join Your Local Prepper’s Network

Ever wonder what kind of resources are out there for the survival-minded?  Nationwide, “prepper networks” are an amazing resource for survival and emergency preparedness information.  Most states in the USA have a network, and there are many groups for specialized interests, such as Ham Radio Operators.  There are also groups for many political and religious organizations.

THIS. Forrest Hills Library wins.

THIS. Forrest Hills Library wins.

 What will you get out of joining your local Prepper’s Network?  These networks cover a wide variety of topics, including:

  • how to build an emergency kit
  • how to stockpile and store food
  • the kind of natural disasters that might occur in your area, and how to prepare for them
  • free resources, such as survival e-books
  • information about emergency preparedness programs offered by your state

 Take this example to see what kinds of resources are available from your local prepper’s network: the Alabama Prepper’s Network recently published a list of the Top 10 Survival Downloads You Should Have.  The high-quality books include Army survival handbooks and emergency medical and dental guides.  Take the time to check these resources out – they are definitely worth your time.

 How to join

To find and join your local prepper’s group, visit the American Prepper’s Network and register.  The registration page is located at: http://americanpreppersnetwork.net/ucp.php?mode=register.  Once you’ve registered, use the user controls to locate your state’s group. You can join multiple groups from this site, so be sure to check for other groups that interest you.

 Are you already a member of your local prepper’s network? Tell us in the comments section what you’ve gained through this membership.  Just joining a network? Let us know about the gems you find.  After all, prepper networks are all about banding together to survive whatever the world throws at us – even if that is a horde of decaying corpses who want to eat you!


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