Guest Article: When It Happens…

I’m very pleased to have talented writers who want to contribute to  Today we have a guest article from E.W. who gives us some valuable advice on fear when the unexpected happens.  His article follows below.  Enjoy!

When It Happens…
Survival is a complex issue. It can be broken down into two categories, things known and the unknown.  The reason you are reading this article is you want to know more. Lets get to it.
Survival boils down to living to fight another day.  Preparation is the key in any event. The scouts had it right; “ Be Prepared”.
Fear Kills.  If you are well prepared you can lessen the effects of the mind-numbing panty-loading paralyzing fear that the unknown generates and move yourself into “fear is good it helps to keep me alive” mode.
GET READY NOW!!! Currently there are many world situations that can slide us quickly into the collapse of the networks that supply everything that we are dependent upon. As pappy used to say “Get while the getting is good.”
What this means is “provide for every needful thing”. This primarily includes food, water, shelter, medicines, fuel, weapons, ammo, transportation, communication, entertainment, tools and trade goods.
In future articles I’ll address the nuts and bolts approach and the what if situations. In the meantime, if you are serious about insuring that you have a future and are ready to take the steps to make it a reality, then get busy.  The above paragraph cannot be completed in a day and should have been done yesterday.
Start by inventorying items on hand and where they are located, next, build a list of necessities.
Yea, that is a lot of work, survival is hard work. No one will do it for you, everyone will be trying to take care of themselves.
The collapse will happen, none of us really want it to, but it will happen.  The question is when will it happen the answer, too soon.
Will I be ready? Only you know the answer to that.


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